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Haunted Tudor Hall, Bel Air, Maryland

April 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Ghost Tudor Hall-43Ghost Tudor Hall-43Outdoor view of Tudor Hall, home of John Wilkes Booth I recently toured the Booth family home "Tudor Hall" located in Bel Air, Maryland. This is the childhood home of John Wilkes Booth. I visited the home during the week of the anniversary of the Lincoln Assassination.  Photos are allowed inside and outside the home. When I got home and processed the photos I discovered something unusual in the photo above. There had been a women dressed in Civil War era dress who stood on the porch. She did not speak to people. I made a point to photograph her because her presence in period dress made for a good photo. When I got home and processed my photographs I noticed the unusual luminous spot located behind the women (I circled the spot in black). This spot only appeared in this photo. She was standing in the shade on the porch and I was not standing in the sun so I don't believe it's sun flare. Could this be the spirit of John Wilkes Booth?

In Search of the Spirit of John Wilkes Booth

April 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

John Wilkes Booth GravesiteJohn Wilkes Booth GravesiteJohn Wilkes Booth is buried in an unmarked grave in the Booth family plot in Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland

April 14th is the anniversary of the Lincoln assassination.  Despite the Civil War having just ended, John Wilkes Booth carried out his plan to kill President Abraham Lincoln at Fords Theater in Washington, D.C.  After the assassination, John Wilkes Booth set out on a twelve day escape route through Southern Maryland and into Virginia. Ultimately, Booth was captured and killed by Federal Troops at Garrett Farm in Virginia. 

Today, many of the sites associated with the life and death of John Wilkes Booth still exist. If you visit any of these sites, you are very likely to be able to still feel the spirit of John Wilkes Booth from long ago. 

To take a visual tour of these sites visit my photo gallery here:   http://www.zenfolio.com/thehauntedtraveler/e/p465866108

The Paranormal Chronicles - "What Did the Doctor Say?"

February 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Just before Christmas, my husband Michael got sick with what I now believe to have been the flu. We were away for Christmas so upon our return home he went immediately to an urgent care center and was diagnosed with a severe ear infection.  I also became ill with virus like symptoms, in addition to developing severe pains in my right leg. The pains were severe but intermittent. I didn't think much of my pains and figured they would eventually pass after a few days.Shortly thereafter, one night around 4 a.m., Michael woke up while laying in bed. I was sound asleep next to him as was our two cats. There was no one else in the house. Michael states he heard a hushed, female voice coming from down the hall that said "what did the doctor say?"

The next day, Michael relayed to me what he heard. I told him that it was probably a deceased ancestor spirit checking on him since he had been sick. Michael replied "I don't know. How do you know they are not checking on you?" I simply replied to him "I've been sick too but I haven't gone to a doctor therefore it must be about you."

The next day the pains in my thigh became excruciating. The pains were sharp and burning, occurring several times a hour. After work I went to an urgent care clinic to be evaluated. The doctor told me she thought I might have a life-threatening blood clot and to go to the emergency room immediately. As it was about 8 p.m. on a Thursday night I figured the ER would be really busy and I would be there all night waiting to be seen. I said to my husband 'I've been alive this long, one more night won't make a difference." Before going to sleep I said my prayers.

The next morning  we went to the emergency room at our local hospital. The emergency room was filled with really sick people with what appeared to be the flu. I said my prayers for those in the ER and for myself. Because I had what was considered a potential life-threatening aliment - a blood clot, I was seen quickly. 

The attending doctor ordered an x-ray and ultrasound of my leg. While having the tests, I continued to pray. 

To the perplexment of the doctor, both tests came back normal. No cause of my pain was found. I was released from the hospital and told to follow up with my regular doctor. I was extremely relieved. 

When my husband and I returned home he said "See, the voice was asking about you." I replied "I'm still not convinced. I think it was about you." All I know is, I'm just glad there is someone in the hereafter looking after us. Thankfully, both my husband and I have both made full recoveries. 



The Paranormal Chronicles - Haunted Salado, Texas

October 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When I tell people that I use to be a Ghost Hunter, the first thing people tend to ask me is "what is the scariest thing you've seen or experience?" My visit to Salado, Texas comes to mind.

Friends and I (all ghost hunters) were invited to a Titantic themed dinner party at a lovely, historic home in Salado, TX.  Salado is a historic town founded in 1867 located in Bell County near Killeen, TX. 

I lived in Dallas at the time, so we needed a place to stay over night after the party. Whenever I travel, I seek out historic hotels and bed and breakfasts. I found on-line the perfect historic, Victorian Inn with all the upscale amenities. The Inn is located next to Salado Creek in the historic village of Salado, TX.  The oldest part of the Inn dates to 1882. My bedroom was on the second floor.  A gorgeous room filled with antiques and lace curtains on the windows. It appeared we were the only people staying at the Inn that night. At least we never saw any other people.

Around midnight Saturday night, we returned to the Inn after the party.  It was a mild, autumn night so we sat outside on the rocking chairs on the big, Victorian wrap-around porch.  We all were enjoying conversation and libations.  The men smoked their cigars. Around 1:30 a.m., I was ready for bed and went up to my room. The rest of my friends stayed on the front porch. Shortly after I got into the large, antique, wooden bed the room became extremely cold. This was very odd because it was warm outside. The room became so cold, I got out of bed and turned the heat on. Soon after I got in bed, I heard heavy booted footsteps slowly walking up the wooden staircase outside my room. It sounded like a man wearing boots. I listened carefully expecting to hear a door open to the room next door. I didn't hear anything. The footsteps stopped. Minutes later, the heavy footsteps returned. This time they were louder and heavier than before. I called out my friend's name but there was no answer. Then I thought maybe someone was checking into the room next to mine but that would've been very strange because it was now around 2:30 am. Again I called out my friend's name but received no response. 

Then the loud footsteps returned for a third time. This time the footsteps came right up to the outside of my bedroom door. Suddenly the chandelier hanging from the ceiling over the bed began swinging violently. It was a big chandelier, not something that would easily move by itself. It swung back and forth like a swing on a playground. I laid in bed in horror. I felt something paranormal was in my room. I was afraid it was going to harm me. I laid there watching and listening. Too scared to leave the bed, I laid perfectly still hoping it wouldn't harm me. The chandelier continued to swing violently for several minutes. 

Within a few minutes my friend arrived at my room. I jumped out of bed and told him what had happened. I also asked him if he and the others had been walking around the Inn - coming up and down the stairs. He said "no." He added that he and others heard also heard someone walking around on the top floor and stairs and thought it was me. I said I hadn't left my bed. I asked him if he saw anyone else arrive at the Inn and he said no. I told him about the temperature change in the room and the chandelier moving (I pointed to it as it was still slowly swinging). I asked my friend "where is the ghost hunting equipment?" He responded "in the car." At this point both of us were too tired to go out to the car and get the equipment. Besides by now the activity had stopped. Nothing else happened that night.

The next morning at breakfast, I asked one of the staff if people ever reported experiencing unusual activity at the Inn. She became very defensive and sternly replied "the Inn is not haunted!" I've met people before who don't want to admit a place is haunted because they don't want their business to be known as a haunted site. Also for some people, it is against their religion to believe in the paranormal. However, I know what happened was real. Out of respect for the Inn owners, I don't reveal the name of the Inn. 

My lesson from this visit to Salado was "never leave the ghost-hunting equipment in the car." 

Photos from the Inn:

Haunted-Salado_TX--EditHaunted Salado TX - Inn StaircaseStaircase in the Inn. Notice the orb on the wall.

Haunted-Salado_TX-0027-EditHaunted-Salado_TX-0027-EditThe Inn, Salado, TX


Haunted-Salado_TX-0026-EditHaunted-Salado_TX-0026-EditOutside porch of the Inn, Salado, TX

Haunted-Salado_TX-0031-EditHaunted-Salado_TX-0031-EditMy bedroom in the Inn, Salado, TX

Haunted-Salado_TX-0032-EditHaunted-Salado_TX-0032-EditInside the Inn, Salado, TX

Haunted-Salado_TX-0035-EditHaunted-Salado_TX-0035-EditInside the Inn, Salado, TX

Haunted-Salado_TX-0029-EditHaunted-Salado_TX-0029-EditThe porch at the Inn, Salado, TX

Haunted-Salado_TX-0040-EditHaunted-Salado_TX-0040-EditThe rocking chairs at the Inn, Salado, TX




Paranormal Events

July 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Upcoming Paranormal Conferences/Events (contact me to share your event here)

Maryland Paranormal Conference, A Ghostly Gathering, August 26, 2017