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The next day, Michael relayed to me what he heard. I told him that it was probably a deceased ancestor spirit checking on him since he had been sick. Michael replied "I don't know. How do you know they are not checking on you?" I simply replied to him "I've been sick too but I haven't gone to a doctor therefore it must be about you."

The next day the pains in my thigh became excruciating. The pains were sharp and burning, occurring several times a hour. After work I went to an urgent care clinic to be evaluated. The doctor told me she thought I might have a life-threatening blood clot and to go to the emergency room immediately. As it was about 8 p.m. on a Thursday night I figured the ER would be really busy and I would be there all night waiting to be seen. I said to my husband 'I've been alive this long, one more night won't make a difference." Before going to sleep I said my prayers.

The next morning  we went to the emergency room at our local hospital. The emergency room was filled with really sick people with what appeared to be the flu. I said my prayers for those in the ER and for myself. Because I had what was considered a potential life-threatening aliment - a blood clot, I was seen quickly. 

The attending doctor ordered an x-ray and ultrasound of my leg. While having the tests, I continued to pray. 

To the perplexment of the doctor, both tests came back normal. No cause of my pain was found. I was released from the hospital and told to follow up with my regular doctor. I was extremely relieved. 

When my husband and I returned home he said "See, the voice was asking about you." I replied "I'm still not convinced. I think it was about you." All I know is, I'm just glad there is someone in the hereafter looking after us. Thankfully, both my husband and I have both made full recoveries. 



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The Paranormal Chronicles - Haunted Salado, Texas http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2017/10/the-paranormal-chronicles---haunted-salado-texas When I tell people that I use to be a Ghost Hunter, the first thing people tend to ask me is "what is the scariest thing you've seen or experience?" My visit to Salado, Texas comes to mind.

Friends and I (all ghost hunters) were invited to a Titantic themed dinner party at a lovely, historic home in Salado, TX.  Salado is a historic town founded in 1867 located in Bell County near Killeen, TX. 

I lived in Dallas at the time, so we needed a place to stay over night after the party. Whenever I travel, I seek out historic hotels and bed and breakfasts. I found on-line the perfect historic, Victorian Inn with all the upscale amenities. The Inn is located next to Salado Creek in the historic village of Salado, TX.  The oldest part of the Inn dates to 1882. My bedroom was on the second floor.  A gorgeous room filled with antiques and lace curtains on the windows. It appeared we were the only people staying at the Inn that night. At least we never saw any other people.

Around midnight Saturday night, we returned to the Inn after the party.  It was a mild, autumn night so we sat outside on the rocking chairs on the big, Victorian wrap-around porch.  We all were enjoying conversation and libations.  The men smoked their cigars. Around 1:30 a.m., I was ready for bed and went up to my room. The rest of my friends stayed on the front porch. Shortly after I got into the large, antique, wooden bed the room became extremely cold. This was very odd because it was warm outside. The room became so cold, I got out of bed and turned the heat on. Soon after I got in bed, I heard heavy booted footsteps slowly walking up the wooden staircase outside my room. It sounded like a man wearing boots. I listened carefully expecting to hear a door open to the room next door. I didn't hear anything. The footsteps stopped. Minutes later, the heavy footsteps returned. This time they were louder and heavier than before. I called out my friend's name but there was no answer. Then I thought maybe someone was checking into the room next to mine but that would've been very strange because it was now around 2:30 am. Again I called out my friend's name but received no response. 

Then the loud footsteps returned for a third time. This time the footsteps came right up to the outside of my bedroom door. Suddenly the chandelier hanging from the ceiling over the bed began swinging violently. It was a big chandelier, not something that would easily move by itself. It swung back and forth like a swing on a playground. I laid in bed in horror. I felt something paranormal was in my room. I was afraid it was going to harm me. I laid there watching and listening. Too scared to leave the bed, I laid perfectly still hoping it wouldn't harm me. The chandelier continued to swing violently for several minutes. 

Within a few minutes my friend arrived at my room. I jumped out of bed and told him what had happened. I also asked him if he and the others had been walking around the Inn - coming up and down the stairs. He said "no." He added that he and others heard also heard someone walking around on the top floor and stairs and thought it was me. I said I hadn't left my bed. I asked him if he saw anyone else arrive at the Inn and he said no. I told him about the temperature change in the room and the chandelier moving (I pointed to it as it was still slowly swinging). I asked my friend "where is the ghost hunting equipment?" He responded "in the car." At this point both of us were too tired to go out to the car and get the equipment. Besides by now the activity had stopped. Nothing else happened that night.

The next morning at breakfast, I asked one of the staff if people ever reported experiencing unusual activity at the Inn. She became very defensive and sternly replied "the Inn is not haunted!" I've met people before who don't want to admit a place is haunted because they don't want their business to be known as a haunted site. Also for some people, it is against their religion to believe in the paranormal. However, I know what happened was real. Out of respect for the Inn owners, I don't reveal the name of the Inn. 

My lesson from this visit to Salado was "never leave the ghost-hunting equipment in the car." 

Photos from the Inn:

Haunted-Salado_TX--EditHaunted Salado TX - Inn StaircaseStaircase in the Inn. Notice the orb on the wall.

Haunted-Salado_TX-0027-EditHaunted-Salado_TX-0027-EditThe Inn, Salado, TX


Haunted-Salado_TX-0026-EditHaunted-Salado_TX-0026-EditOutside porch of the Inn, Salado, TX

Haunted-Salado_TX-0031-EditHaunted-Salado_TX-0031-EditMy bedroom in the Inn, Salado, TX

Haunted-Salado_TX-0032-EditHaunted-Salado_TX-0032-EditInside the Inn, Salado, TX

Haunted-Salado_TX-0035-EditHaunted-Salado_TX-0035-EditInside the Inn, Salado, TX

Haunted-Salado_TX-0029-EditHaunted-Salado_TX-0029-EditThe porch at the Inn, Salado, TX

Haunted-Salado_TX-0040-EditHaunted-Salado_TX-0040-EditThe rocking chairs at the Inn, Salado, TX




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Haunted Christ Church Cemetery, Cambridge, Maryland http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2016/10/haunted-christ-church-cemetery-cambridge-maryland Feeling Spirits From Long Ago in Christ Church Cemetery, Cambridge, Maryland

Christ Church Cemetery is located at 601 Church Street in historic Cambridge, Maryland.  Some allege the cemetery is haunted. Established in the late 1600’s, Christ Church cemetery is the final resting place for original settlers of Cambridge, veterans of the American Revolutionary War, and veterans of the U.S. Civil War.  

When I visit historic cemeteries, I like to bring flowers to place on the graves of civil war veterans. In Christ Church cemetery these graves were hard to find. In contrast, the American Revolutionary veteran graves were easily identifiable with the American flags and DAR markers. I had with me a list of the names of civil war veterans who are buried in the cemetery. When I found several of these graves, I was surprised that there was no indication that the person was a civil war veteran. I got a strong feeling that this history was purposely being hidden. It was common for families in Maryland to have had family members fighting on both sides of the civil war so perhaps this was a painful period that was preferred to be left in the past by the families.

After laying flowers on several civil war veterans’ graves there was one grave I could not find. I decided to use a method that I’ve been using for years that always works. I call on the spirit of the deceased to guide me to their grave. I explain to them that I am there to visit them and to honor their service in the civil war.  A few seconds following this ritual, it worked. I found the grave of the veteran.

Although the cemetery is rumored to be haunted, I personally believe that spirits of the deceased like being remembered and appreciate being visited. 

Historic Christ Church Cemetery Cambridge Maryland LaRocca-51-EditHistoric Christ Church Cemetery Cambridge Maryland LaRocca-51-EditHaunted and Historic Cambridge, Maryland Gate to Christ Church cemetery, Cambridge, Maryland


Christ Church CemeteryChrist Church CemeteryHaunted and Historic Cambridge, Maryland American Revolutionary War Graves, Christ Church Cemetery, Cambridge, Maryland

Christ Church Cemetery Cambridge MDChrist Church Cemetery Cambridge MDHistoric Christ Church Cemetery, Cambridge, Maryland Historic Christ Church Cemetery, Cambridge, Maryland

Christ Church Historic  Cambridge Maryland LaRocca-24-EditChrist Church Historic Cambridge Maryland LaRocca-24-EditHistoric Christ Church, Cambridge, Maryland Historic Christ Church, Cambridge, Maryland


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Haunted Cambridge Maryland http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2016/10/haunted-cambridge-maryland Seeking Spirits from Long Ago in Haunted and Historic Cambridge, Maryland 


Haunted Cambridge Maryland LaRocca-23-EditHaunted Cambridge Maryland LaRocca-23-EditDorchester County Courthouse, Cambridge, Maryland

Historic Cambridge, Maryland is located in Dorchester County on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Situated on the mighty Choptank River, Cambridge was originally inhabited by the Choptank Native American tribe. In 1684, wealthy European landowners moved in and built tobacco plantations.  This created tension and violence with the Choptank Native American tribe who were ultimately displaced. The plantation owners imported slaves from Africa to work the plantations until 1864 when Maryland ended slavery.

In Cambridge you can still find reminders of the slave trade. Slave auctions took place outside the Dorchester County Courthouse. At the top of the hill, under a large tree I discovered a portion of the original slave block. Slaves would’ve stood on the top of the hill while being auctioned off to buyers below. This same area was also used for public executions. While visiting here I could feel the angst and tension as I explored the area. There are still a lot of souls at unrest here. 

Haunted Dorchester County Courthouse Cambridge Maryland LaRocca-5-EditHaunted Dorchester County Courthouse Cambridge Maryland LaRocca-Haunted and Historic Dorchester County Courthouse, Cambride, Maryland

Haunted Dorchester County Courthouse Cambridge Maryland LaRocca-19-EditHaunted Dorchester County Courthouse Cambridge Maryland LaRocca-19-EditHaunted and historic Dorchester County Courthouse in Cambridge, Maryland. Site of slave auctions and public executions. Haunted Dorchester County Courthouse Cambridge Maryland LaRocca-19-EditHaunted Dorchester County Courthouse Cambridge Maryland LaRocca-19-EditHaunted and historic Dorchester County Courthouse in Cambridge, Maryland. Site of slave auctions and public executions at the top of the hill under the trees. Haunted Dorchester County Courthouse Cambridge Maryland LaRocca-19-EditHaunted Dorchester County Courthouse Cambridge Maryland LaRocca-19-EditSlave block on top of hill outside the Dorchester County Courthouse in Cambridge, Maryland. Site of slave auctions and public executions.

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The Paranormal Chronicles - "Seeking Sanctuary" http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2016/9/the-paranormal-chronicles---seeking-sanctuary  

Red church doorSeeking SanctuaryRed doors on church communicate "sanctuary"

The following is a case from a paranormal investigation I did with the Society of Paranormal Investigation. 


The verger contacted us through the Society for Paranormal Investigation website.  His message was written in all caps:


We made contact with the verger by telephone. After asking us questions about our paranormal group he told us his church was haunted.  He invited us to visit the church. When our paranormal investigation team arrived, we were met by the verger who was waiting outside the church for us.  He was dressed in black, fitted jeans with a silver belt, a black turtleneck, and cowboy boots. His black jeep was parked in the driveway.  He was accompanied by his black Labrador dog. He was not what I was expecting.

The church was a traditional Tudor style, stone church with a red front door. Historically, red doors on churches communicate “sanctuary” to those in need of a place of refuge from evil. The verger told us that the original church was built in 1893 in the downtown area of the city.  Following a yellow fever epidemic, the church was relocated outside the city to its present location. 

The verger explained to us that his role in the church was to be the protector of the main priest.  He shared that he had become “wayward” and the main priest took him in and hired him as the verger. He confided that he had experienced some very dark, personal problems and the way for him to stay on the right path was to stay active in the church.  He added that he was trained in the martial arts. Then he said something unnerving to me that sounded like a warning.  He said “those who are closest to light can sometimes be the most evil.”

The verger invited us inside the church for a tour. Once inside we were greeted warmly by the priest.  He was an older man and basically looked like a traditional priest.

 As we toured the church, the priest told us accounts of paranormal activity witnessed by him and the parishioners.  The scariest incident the priest relayed to us was when someone broke into the church, stole the holy sacraments from the altar and used them to perform a black mass under a tree in front of the church.  Remnants of the black mass were discovered under the tree.  Not long after this, the tree was struck by lightning three separate times. After the third time, the tree was removed.

The priest and verger shared with us several other paranormal events as we continued touring the church. One paranormal incident occurred during choir practice.  While the ladies choir was practicing the kneelers slammed to the floor by themselves.  Several choir members became so scared they quit the choir and refused to return to the church. The verger told us that one time he was in the church by himself praying.  He said he heard strange noises. Suspecting the noises were being made by a paranormal entity he yelled out commanding the spirit to leave.  Suddenly, kneelers went violently, slamming to the floor throughout the church.

The priest told us about an incident that occurred in the priest’s dressing room behind the altar.  Prior to services, priests would prepare and get dressed in this room. The priest said that several times he would try to open the door to enter the room but the door would be locked.  The room only locked from the inside and there was no one in the room. He would pull on the door but would not be able to open it.  He said it was physically impossible to lock that door without someone being inside the room.

While we were at the church we did not experience any paranormal activity however, we did capture some anomalies in photographs taken in the area of the choir and the church pews.  I continued to communicate with the verger for a while. He was very interested in the paranormal. He ultimately divulged to me that prior to coming to the church he had suffered a very dark, demonic attack. He would not elaborate. The verger explained that the priest had given him sanctuary in the church.

A few years after our initial visit, I found out that the church had been sold and was ultimately destroyed.


Photos courtesy of the Society for Paranormal Investigation

SPI Choir 2003-Church ChoirChurch choir area with white paranormal anomaly

SPI Church Pews 2003-4878Church PewsChurch pews with paranormal white orb


SPI Church Altar 2003-4889Church Altar Church altar with paranormal anomaly

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The Paranormal Chronicles - Elizabeth - a Case in Maryland http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2016/6/the-paranormal-chronicles---elizabeth---a-case-in-maryland "Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I live in Maryland close to Washington, D.C. I'm deaf and on full disability due to health reasons. I have lived in my house for almost 25 years. Just recently odd things started to happen.  I saw a tall and big human like shadow above me when I opened the patio door one night to let the dogs out. I looked backward, totally puzzled but saw nothing. The next day I tried to figure how that shadow appeared, experimenting with different ceiling lights. I could find no explanation. I came to the conclusion that whatever caused the human like shadow was only several inches behind me. Prior to the sighting of the shadow, I had gotten rid of many ceiling tiles form the basement.  

A couple of nights later, I saw the basement door shutting closed followed by a dark thin slit when it shouldn't have been open in the first place. Since then, whenever I walk by the basement door in the hallway at night, hair on my back and neck raise. I look around and see nothing amiss. A couple of days ago I was in the basement to do some laundry and my hearing dog  who was with me, acted like she was kicked. At night my cats looked down the stairs to the basement.  With their ears twitching I knew they heard something. I was too scared to go into the basement to investigate.

I have a human bone, a clavicle, a biological specimen left over from my old job.  Several days ago, I removed it from the basement and put it on the porch. Now I get shivers whenever I walk by the basement door and also the porch.  I keep getting a visual image of a malevolent spirit attacking me from the back. I am afraid it may become a reality. I can't hear. I feel something something is very wrong. My neighbor tells me my dog barks all night at something in the kitchen.

I was a scientist. I don't believe in these paranormal activities, but I can't explain what has been happening in the last few weeks. However, I know one thing, I am terrified. Please help.



hauntedtraveler@gmail.com (Jacqueline LaRocca Photography) Maryland ghosts haunted paranormal http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2016/6/the-paranormal-chronicles---elizabeth---a-case-in-maryland Tue, 07 Jun 2016 00:34:51 GMT
Tour Haunted New Orleans and Beyond http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2015/10/tour-haunted-new-orleans-and-beyond CourtyardFrench Quarter CourtyardFrench Quarter Courtyard, New Orleans, Louisiana

Watch a video "In Search of Spirits from Long Ago in Haunted New Orleans and Beyond" to see some of the most haunted places in and around New Orleans.  Be sure to turn the volume up to get the full experience. 

To watch the video click here:


hauntedtraveler@gmail.com (Jacqueline LaRocca Photography) Louisiana New Orleans ghost ghost tour ghosts haunted haunted sites paranormal spirits tours travel video http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2015/10/tour-haunted-new-orleans-and-beyond Thu, 22 Oct 2015 01:18:12 GMT
Feeling Spirits from Long Ago in Ancient Ireland http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2015/9/feeling-spirits-from-long-ago-in-ancient-ireland Video of places and spaces where you can feel the spirits from long ago in ancient Ireland:


2011-04-12_Ireland_Infrared_LaRocca_00862011-04-12_Ireland_Infrared_Kerry_0086County Kerry, Ireland

hauntedtraveler@gmail.com (Jacqueline LaRocca Photography) Ireland Northern Ireland black and white photography clannad ghosts haunted spirits travel http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2015/9/feeling-spirits-from-long-ago-in-ancient-ireland Tue, 15 Sep 2015 00:24:43 GMT
Feeling Spirits from Long Ago at the Graffiti House, Brandy Station, VA http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2015/8/feeling-spirits-from-long-ago-at-the-graffiti-house-brandy-wine-va Graffiti_House-3Graffiti_House-3"Graffiti House" located in the town of Brandy Station, Virginia got it's name from graffiti signatures of civil war soldiers (both confederate and union) who were hospitalized here. The house is reportedly haunted. Those on tour have experienced being touched and pushed. Paranormal groups have conducted paranormal investigations here and have captured evidence of paranormal activity. The signatures of the soldiers are well preserved on the walls throughout the house. Soldiers from both sides were respectful of each other and did not destroy or remove signatures left by other soldiers. The house is open for tours. For information visit: www.brandystationfoundation.com

I recently visited "Graffiti House" located in the town of Brandy Station, Virginia. The house got it's name from graffiti signatures of wounded Civil War soldiers (both Confederate and Union) who were hospitalized there. The signatures of the soldiers are well preserved on the walls throughout the house. Soldiers from both sides were respectful of each other and did not destroy or write over signatures left by soldiers from the opposing side. The house is reportedly haunted. Those on tour have experienced being touched and pushed by something that could not been seen. Paranormal groups have conducted paranormal investigations here and have captured evidence of paranormal activity.  

The Graffiti House is open for tours and is definitely worth a visit. For more information visit: www.brandystationfoundation.com 

To view more photos of Graffiti House visit: Haunted Virginia at  www.hauntedtraveler.com 


Graffiti_House-16Graffiti_House-16Graffiti House, Brandy Station, VA

Graffiti_House-10Graffiti_House-10Graffiti House, Brandy Station, VA

Graffiti_House-8Graffiti_House-8Graffiti House, Brandy Station, VA

To see more photos of Graffiti House, visit Haunted Virginia at www.hauntedtraveler.com



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Day 6 of John Wilkes Booth's Escape http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2015/4/day-6-of-john-wilkes-booths-escape April 20, 1865 was the 6th day of John Wilkes Booth's escape following his assassination of President Lincoln at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C.On this day, John Wilkes Booth and David Herold were hiding out in the marshy woods of Dent's Meadow, near Pope's Creek in Charles County, Maryland.  


Dents_MeadowDents_MeadowDent's Meadow where John Wilkes Booth and David Herold hideout on their escape following the assassination of President Lincoln.


That night confederate agent Thomas A. Jones brought John Wilkes Booth and David Herold into his home "Huckleberry" and fed them.  

Huckelberry_WilliamsHuckleberry"Huckleberry" home of Thomas A. Jones

A few hours later, Thomas A. Jones set them up in a small row boat to be lauched at Pope's Creek.  John Wilkes Booth and David Herold set out across the Potomac River determined to reach Virginia. 

Popes_CreekPopes_CreekPope's Creek on the Potomac River, Maryland


On April 21, 1865 the mighty waters of the Potomac river took John Wilkes Booth and David Herold northward to Nanjemoy Creek at Indiantown, Maryland instead of southward towards Virginia. The two would try crossing the Potomac again the next day.  This time they were successful. 

Too see more photos of John Wilkes Booth escape and his life visit: www.hauntedtraveler.com







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In Search of Spirits from Long Ago in Ancient Ireland http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2015/3/in-search-of-spirits-from-long-ago-in-ancient-ireland  



Take a visual trip to Ancient Ireland and join me in search of spirits from long ago. 

View video here: https://t.co/if8A0Hrh8S via @YouTube

To view photo gallery visit here: http://bit.ly/1Lo0hH7



hauntedtraveler@gmail.com (Jacqueline LaRocca Photography) Ireland cemeteries cletic ghost ghosts graveyards haunted ireland northern paranormal spirits tours travel http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2015/3/in-search-of-spirits-from-long-ago-in-ancient-ireland Tue, 17 Mar 2015 14:31:24 GMT
The Haunted Hotel Monaco, Washington, D.C. http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2015/2/the-haunted-hotel-monaco-washington-d-c The Hotel Monaco, Washington, D.C. 

700 F Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20004

Hotel_Monaco-0898Hotel_Monaco-0898Haunted Hotel Monaco, Washington, D.C.


My husband and I recently stayed at the Hotel Monaco.  I chose this hotel because it is historic and because it is in walking distance to the Verizon Center where we were attending the Fleetwood Mac concert. The Hotel Monaco is a beautiful, marble building designated as a National Historic Landmark. The hotel has high ceilings, gracious circular staircases, domed alcoves and decorative molding all which lends to its romance and opulence.  We checked into room 327.  Upon entering I said to my husband “this hotel feels haunted.”  Prior to checking in, I had no knowledge that the hotel had a reputation for being haunted. 


Hotel_Monaco-0884Hotel_Monaco-0884Haunted Hotel Monaco, Washington, D.C.


That night we attended the concert and return to our elegant and comfortable room.  After enjoying room service we went to bed.  During the night I was awaken by a female wailing sound coming from down the hallway.  I lay in bed listening. It continued and had an airy, hollow sound to it. It sounded like a very upset adult female. For a moment I thought that maybe it was the winter wind but then I realized there were no windows in the hallway. I rolled over to glance at the clock which read 4:00 a.m. My husband was asleep.  I was too tired to explore and instead went back to sleep. 


Hotel_Monaco-0883Hotel_Monaco-0883Haunted Hotel Monaco, Washington, D.C.

Hotel_Monaco-0863Hotel_Monaco-0863Haunted Hotel Monaco, Washington, D.C.


In the morning, I told my husband about my experience. We started researching the history of the hotel on the Internet.

I learned that the hotel was built in 1839, and originally was the General Post Office building.  During the Civil War, it was used as a hospital for the wounded.  Additionally, the Union army stored guns and ammunition in the basement.  Many cite the hotel as haunted.  One account states that during the Civil War a woman came to the General Post Office to collect her mail and received notice that her husband had been killed in battle. Upon reading this news, she lets out a loud wail. This woman is said to haunt the hotel by wailing through the hallways.



Hotel_Monaco-0889Hotel_Monaco-0889Haunted Hotel Monaco, Washington, D.C.


Hotel_Monaco-0900Hotel_Monaco-0900Haunted Hotel Monaco, Washington, D.C.


The website for Historic Hotels gives the following account of the hauntings experienced in the hotel:


“In a former life, the grandiose building now home to the Hotel Monaco in Washington, D.C., was once the nation's first General Post Office. An extensive rehabilitation of the historic building was undertaken in 2001 to transform it into a luxury hotel. One afternoon a construction worker was startled by the sight of a beautiful woman standing in the courtyard's entrance-an area off limits to the public. He was perplexed by her attire - she was dressed head to toe in clothing of the Civil War era. She stared longingly out towards the street, as if she were waiting for something or someone to arrive, and then disappeared into thin air.”

“Confused by what he saw, the construction worker sought an explanation. Why was she there, and what was she waiting for? He later found out that in the Civil War era, home delivery of mail did not exist, so it was common to see women pacing the courtyard of the General Post Office eagerly awaiting the delivery of the day's mail for news of loved ones. Paranormal experts believe the construction worker witnessed a ghost, awaiting a letter from her husband who was off at battle. Her anxious expression was likely due to her hopes that she would be receiving a love letter, rather than a letter informing her of his death in the line of duty.”

“The sighting has made the courtyard of the Hotel Monaco a popular part of the Civil War Capital bus tour, but the courtyard isn't the only part of the hotel that is thought to be haunted. Legend has it that Hotel Monaco's Paris Ballroom was used as a surgical room during the Civil War. Guests and employees of the hotel have reported hearing whispering in the ballroom thought to be the murmurings of doctors in surgery, and many have claimed to see the ghosts of doctors and nurses hurriedly walking the hotel's long corridors.”

Hotel_Monaco-0886Hotel_Monaco-0886Haunted Hotel Monaco, Washington, D.C.

Hotel_Monaco-0887Hotel_Monaco-0887Haunted Hotel Monaco, Washington, D.C.

Hotel_Monaco-0894Hotel_Monaco-0894Haunted Hotel Monaco, Washington, D.C.

Hotel_Monaco-0895Hotel_Monaco-0895Haunted Hotel Monaco, Washington, D.C.

Hotel_Monaco-0901Hotel_Monaco-0901Haunted Hotel Monaco, Washington, D.C.


To see more of haunted Washington, D.C. please visit www.hauntedtraveler.com



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EVP Capture During Residential Paranormal Investigation http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2015/1/evp-capture-during-residential-paranormal-investigation  

I conducted a paranormal investigation at a private residence in December, 2014.  The occupant of the house gave a very detailed, long history of paranormal activity occurring in the house.  The activity was witnessed by several family members over many years.

The following link is to a youtube video where you can hear the EVP that I captured. I did not hear the EVP at the time, only after the investigation reviewing the content on the voice recorder.

Here is what I found:   http://youtu.be/bpvaq1QvJBo


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In Search of Merlin's Ghost http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2014/10/in-search-of-merlins-ghost Photograph of Merlin's ghost on the banks of the haunted Potomac river in Leesburg, VAIn Search of Merlin's Ghost Photograph of Merlin's ghost on the banks of the haunted Potomac river in Leesburg, VAIn Search of Merlin's Ghost Photograph of Merlin's ghost on the banks of the haunted Potomac river in Leesburg, VAIn Search of Merlin's Ghost

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Understanding Spirits http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2014/10/understanding-spirits According to Allan Kardec, the famous Spiritualist from the 1800's, "Spirits are attracted by their sympathy with the moral quality of the parties by whom they are evoked.  Spirits of superior elevation take pleasure in meetings of a serious character, animated by the love of goodness and the sincere desire of instruction and improvement.  Their presence repels the spirits of inferior degree, who find, on the contrary, free access and freedom of action among persons of frivolous disposition, or brought together by mere curiosity, and wherever evil instincts are to be met with. "

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Spiritualism http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2014/7/spiritualism  "Strictly speaking, Spiritualism is the opposite of Materialism; every one is a Spiritualist who believes  that there is in him something more than matter, but it does not follow that he believes in the existence of spirits, or in their communication with the visible world...We say, then, that the fundamental principle of the spirtist theory, or Spiritism, is the relation of the material world with spirits, or the beings of the invisible world; and we designate the adherents of the spiritist theory as spiritists" (Allan Kardec, 1989).

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Happy Birthday Edgar Allan Poe http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2014/1/happy-birthday-edgar-allan-poe January 19, 2013 is Edgar Allan Poe's 205th birthday!

In search of Edgar Allan Poe"s Spirit in Baltimore, Maryland...


The Enoch Pratt Library in Baltimore, Maryland has a beautiful "Edgar Allan Poe" room which features this portrait of Poe.

Westminster Church, Baltimore, Maryland

Westminster Church Catacomb, Baltimore, Maryland


Westminster Church Graveyard, Baltimore, Maryland 


Westminster Church, Baltimore, Maryland


Westminster Graveyard, Baltimore, Maryland

Westminster Graveyard, Baltimore, Maryland

Edgar Allan Poe's Grave site, Westminster Church, Baltimore, Maryland

Roses on Edgar Allan Poe's Grave, Baltimore, Maryland

Edgar Allan Poe's Lap Desk on display at the Poe Museum in Baltimore, Maryland

Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe at the Enoch Pratt Library in Baltimore, Maryland

Paying respects to Edgar Allan Poe, Baltimore, Maryland

Edgar Allan Poe's Grave Site, Baltimore, Maryland

Westminster Church, Baltimore, Maryland

Edgar Allen Poe's Grave Site, Westminster Church, Baltimore, Maryland

Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe


Annabel Lee Tavern, Baltimore, Maryland

"The Raven" cover at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Baltimore, Maryland

Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe at the Poe House in Baltimore, Maryland            Display at the Poe House in Baltimore, Maryland

Annabel Lee Tavern, Baltimore, Maryland

RR1_6995RR1_6995 untitled-1785untitled-1785 RR1_6991RR1_6991




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Halloween, All Saint’s Day, All Soul’s Day, Day of the Dead, and Samhain? http://www.hauntedtraveler.com/blog/2013/11/halloween-all-saint-s-day-all-soul-s-day-day-of-the-dead-and-samhain What is the significance of Halloween, All Saint’s Day, All Soul’s Day, Day of the Dead, and Samhain?

This past week I was listening to a morning news talk show and a commentator expressed his disbelief of why people celebrate Halloween, stating that "it’s a holiday with no historical significance, it’s just a made up holiday for people to dress up and eat candy." I was really stunned by his ignorance, after all this is a person working in media who is exposed to different cultures, religions, etc.  So I decided to write just a short summary explaining the significance of this holiday season to inform those who may not be aware of the reason for this holiday season. 

Halloween, October 31st

Halloween' comes from 'All Hallows Eve', the Vigil of the celebration of the Christian Feast of 'All Saints'.  All saints is a family Feast day when Catholics honor all those who have died (http://www.catholic.org/hf/faith/story.php?id=43471)

More than a thousand years ago in Ireland and Britain, a common custom of Christians was to come together on the eve of the feast of All Hallows Day to ask for God's blessing and protection from evil in the world. Often, they would dress in costumes of saints or evil spirits and act out the battle between good and evil around bonfires. That's the source of the modern observance of Halloween. 

"All Hallows was considered a time when evil could manifest itself…there is invisible evil and invisible good. It’s an acknowledgement of that existence."  (http://www.al.com/living/index.ssf/2013/11/days_of_the_dead_whats_the_dif.html)


All Saint’s Day, November 1st

All Saint’s Day is celebrated in honor of all the saints, known and unknown (http://www.catholic.org/saints/allsaints/) The saint’s are honored by a day of prayer, fasting and attending church. 


All Soul’s Day, November 2nd

All Soul’s Day commemorates the faithful departed. The Roman Catholic celebration is associated with the doctrine that the souls of the faithful who at death have not been cleansed from the temporal punishment due to venial sins and from attachment to mortal sins cannot immediately attain the beatific vision in heaven, and that they may be helped to do so by prayer and by the sacrifice of the Mass.  In other words, when they died, they had not yet attained full sanctification and moral perfection, a requirement for entrance into Heaven. This sanctification is carried out posthumously in Purgatory (http://www.catholic.org/saints/allsouls/

 All Souls' Day is a day to pray for the deceased who may be in purgatory and not yet gotten into heaven. While I was living in New Orleans, I learned that there it is customary to visit and tend to the graves of your deceased family members.  The cemeteries were crowded with people looking after their ancestors by putting fresh flowers on the graves and cleaning up cemetery plots.  


Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead (Spanish: Dí de los Muertos) is a Mexican holiday. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. It is particularly celebrated in Mexico, where it attains the quality of a National Holiday. Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars honoring the deceased using sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed and visiting graves with these as gifts. Scholars trace the origins of the modern Mexican holiday to indigenous observances dating back hundreds of years and to an Aztec festival dedicated to a goddess called Mictecacihuatl. In Brazil, Dia de Finados is a public holiday that many Brazilians celebrate by visiting cemeteries and churches. In Spain, there are festivals and parades, and, at the end of the day, people gather at cemeteries and pray for their dead loved ones. Similar observances occur elsewhere in Europe, and similarly themed celebrations appear in many Asian and African cultures (http://www.catholic.org/saints/day-of-the-dead/)




Means "End of Summer” and is celebrated on October 31st, or November 1st. It is one of the two "spirit-nights" each year, the other being Beltane. It is a magical interval when the mundane laws of time and space are temporarily suspended, and the Thin Veil between the worlds is lifted. Communicating with ancestors and departed loved ones is easy at this time, for they journey through this world on their way to the Summerlands. Originally the "Feast of the Dead" was celebrated in Celtic countries by leaving food offerings on altars and doorsteps for the "wandering dead". http://wicca.com/celtic/akasha/samhainlore.htm

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